Derek McManus, MA (Economics), J.D. (Juris Doctor)

Solicitor and Notary Public

Derek has been practising law since 1975.

The early years of his career were spent in Alberta, until 1981, when he began to practise law in Salmon Arm, BC.

Experience is the  most valuable asset of a lawyer.   Of all the lawyers in the  Salmon Arm area  who concentrate their legal expertise, experience and time on non-court legal matters, none have been in practice as long as Derek.

Our Legal Team

Nina Couch

Legal Assistant

Nina has worked in law for over 10 years and accumulated  an array of valuable skills and experience.

Before embarking on her legal career, Nina had a successful career in the Public Library System in Northern BC.

She enjoys sunshine, family time, words and history, but above all, she loves to learn.